The Chicago area is known to have four species of squirrels that commonly inhabit the state. These small mammals are nimble on their feet with similar characteristics of other rodents like rats, mice, and beavers. Squirrels can become an extreme nuisance to the personal living spaces of a person’s private habitat. They liken naturally to the forest area and places in close proximity to water. Southern Illinois typically carries a large amount of flying squirrels. The diet of squirrels consist of a variety of food sources including nuts, fruits, insects and tree bark. They bury food in the ground to preserve it, while seeking refuge in trees that are densely together in forest and wooded areas.


Taking refuge in self built nests that consist of tree leaves or nests in tree cavaties are commonly observed. They are the prey of more aggressive wildlife like coyotes, foxes, and hawks. It seems likely that the most ideal situation for the squirrel in its ruined habitation, due to environmental decay of human production, is to migrate into the cities and countrylands of human settlement, where easily accessible resident items are subject to the manipulation of a pesky squirrel. The fox, red, and grey squirrels are active day walkers, while the more popular flying squirrel of the south is nocturnal and thrives in the visually hidden night.Companies like Chicago skunk removal will deal with all the little wildlife animals such as squirrels, rats, skunks, armadillos, even snakes without you having to do a thing!

Attempting to break from the cold isolation of the winter is a strong cause of squirrel abundance and integration into the blocks, attics, and other tenuously reachable places. They fortifying themselves into the majesty of homes that are geared with the accumulated sources of food and other objects of entertainment and attention, and thereby an object prone to unwanted toggling and handling that may lead to damage of property by mingling with the tangible items of those inhabitants and their homes, which are prone to the curious attention of squirrels.


Contrary to popular belief the common squirrel is not nearly as friendly and capable of being handled. They prefer solitude the majority of the time or they may enjoy the company of other similar squirrels in their apparatus. In reality an act of flight is instinctive of the squirrel whose antisocial behavior to people is a contrasting view and a different image of the pet friendly squirrel. Commonly a wild roamer and built from the creeks and wild environments that promote animal life density, squirrels develop ways to survive in extreme conditions but do not hibernate.

Now as cute as squirrels are you wouldn’t really want the around your family, especially if you have children.