The Illusionary Pet

The image of a pet friendly squirrel who has become house trained with tamed stature and who is mixable with other household pets can be only a dream by the animal enthusiast. The natural curiosity a squirrel is seen through the acts of property damage on the scene of human settlement. But violent resolutions toward the wild squirrel is frowned upon. Often times the reaction of a squirrel in the face of man is to just flee. Harmful methods are not needed to maintain a squirrel free zone of personal space. Practices of trapping and detouring small wildlife rodents are utilized by homeowners of Chicago.


One way exit tunnels can be placed around a home where squirrels will find their way into the tunnels, as in otherwise the final destination of the squirrel would be inside of a home. Scarecrow like tactics have been implemented by people in the task of wildlife animal removal, by placing loud or imposing objects around areas of possible breach, the squirrel may take the loud sound resonating area for harmful manner and flee as it flees from an approaching human.

Squirrels have remarkable attributes like handling small objects with their coordinated fingers. These traits allow them to open doors and windows not fully closed by the power of their strong teeth and body, which they use to chew and manipulate by hand their ways into enclosed spaces that may be hard to reach for the large body of a human.